Careers with Seal Team Realty

Whether you're a new agent, experienced agent, property manager, contractor, or anything between, we can make it work!

We charge a FLAT FEE of $795 per transaction! (Inquire for details).

1. Broker will provide marketing services for all agents! This means we provide you with leads that few other brokers do!
2. One on one computer support for agents working on a deal!
3. For those agents who want more consistent and/or supplemental income they will have the option to participate in our property management operations and even property cleanup services.
4. We have defined a path where all agents have the opportunity to eventually become team leaders while profiting from it nicely as well.
5. All agents have the opportunity to share or split their workload for common tasks like property showings, document coordination, etc.. You do not even have to split your deal, agents under our brokerage simply transfer small flat fees for completed tasks (example: An agent paying another agent $30 for showing a home).
6. Agents who close a minimum number of transaction will also get FREE 24/7 access to owners office and auto shop!! You can call, print, fax, meet clients, organize files, and hell even work on your car there!!!
7. All agents can utilize our Web services and have a FREE subdomain on
8. There's a lot more included that cannot easily be explained! Like the fact that we take care of our own, it's not all business with us, we commonly help each other get through personal situations and our team members often become friends for life.

If you find better value brokerage let me know and I'll be happy to dispute it with you.

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